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Distance from Earth: About 88 light years away.

Average Days: Since the planet JÏŒØŪĘ (Jee-ou-ou-oah-yu-eeh), or Jimaite, is relatively smaller than Earth, their average days have 13 hour.

Average Years: The years on Jimaite are longer than Earth. They have about 1000 days per year. However, the average lifespan that a Jimaitian can live to on the planet is about 150 years. Of course, some can live longer, while others shorter.

Distance from Earth/Average Days/years

The gravity on the planet is smaller than Earth's. While Earth's gravity is about 9.8 m/s^2 (1g), the gravity on JÏŒØŪĘ is about 4.58672 m/s^2 (0.49g). The gravity on Jimaite allows the Jimaitians to jump further, take less fall damage, leap higher, and fall slower. The gravity also make Jimaitians grow taller, but their bones are relatively weaker to that of a human. Therefore, heavy impacts and powerful blows will severely damage them, and can lead to lethality.

Although Jimaite is very similar to the rest of the planets, there are still some very unique characteristics that this planet possess. For instance, the flora and fauna of the planet, as well as their system of running it community. There are also some other minor differences, including the way the people think. This planet has an almost "too" perfect atmosphere and environment, with very few or no pollution.


Planet Jimaite




This is the location of Artoul on the galactic map.

Ocean in Jimaite

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